Tensions basse-fréquence: caractères inclinés, ex. Voltmetre électronique d’au moins 1 M2 d’impédance d’entrée. + 12v]. Markings on Tantalum Electrolytic. Revox Service Manuals and Owners Manuals Free, page 1| For looking for information about your vintage stereo equipment Revox. REVOX. REVox. 1 ( The well-known reliability of the. Revox A77 is a result of a professional . (a push for Manual button dis- ables the auto start.

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Basically I get most signal at full pot and cannot overbias.

Good solid Reel Deck. Record Calibration prior to recording The following calibration procedure is to be performed prior to each recording.

Revox A77 Service Manual

On a color photo of card 1. Service Manual got the case open and the tape counter assembly out. To purchase A77 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. I would probably have tried different values if you had not confirmed my guess, so revox a77 manual you for that. I cannot read 2 values on mabual service revox a77 manual.

Noise revox a77 manual is already present at the input to the recorder cannot be eliminated. The well known reliability of the Revox A77 is a result of a professional design concept, a concept which successfully combines the advantages of a solidly built tape transport mechanism with those of an advanced electronic revox a77 manual design.

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Submitted by Bundy4eva on December 12th, To ensure a playback performance which is an exact mirror image of the record process, it is absolutely essential that the record and playback levels are equal. Submitted by millie12 on March 28th, Thank you very much for this wonderful site.

Big thanks for your Manual download,it makes the mechnical and electrical more easy to use and service for me!

Ciao from Italy Alessio. Where can I get one? With the calibration procedure completed, turn monitor selector 14 to Position TAPE off tape monitoring. I am converting a revox a77 manual speed playback card to high speed.

REVOX A77 Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Thx, for revox a77 manual manual and service manual manua, you whant see www. You made my day. Hope, you get it working, have 2 B77 working and 1 A77 in my repairing queue which I still haven’t attended yet. The A77 is, in my view, the most elegant design.

I am using 2 different types of tape and experiencing the same problem. Submitted by leftofthedial on July 13th, Login or register revox a77 manual post reviews.


Once I got the operating instructions works like new. Switch the recorder on by selecting tape speed and reel size. Having fired it up recently, the capstan motor runs very slowly, so I’m guessing there’s a dried-up electrolytic cap on the motor control board or some revox a77 manual.

Grazie per i manuali rrevox a disposizione. I picked up a second revox a77 manual board tevox see if the board was bad and got the same results with the second board.

A 3 motor transport mechanism with electronically regulated capstan motor and solenoid operated servo brakes possesses few parts which are subject to mechanical wear. Reviewed Feb 17th, by tomvette. Submitted by bigbozer on July 13th, Same problem with Quantegy and rmgi SM Record Level DOLBY encoded recordings are to be modulated in the same manner as any standard recording by adjusting revox a77 manual record levels with the level controls 15 and