The decision by the Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to drop its investigation into former Algerian defence minister Khaled Nezzar. Visit ‘s Khaled Nezzar Page and shop for all Khaled Nezzar Books by Khaled Nezzar See search results for author “Khaled Nezzar” in Books. On 4 January , the OAG decided against all expectations to drop the charges against Khaled Nezzar and to end the case after more than.

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The government systematically targeted Islamics, who in turn formed armed groups and mounted terrorist attacks throughout the country para. Mai in Sachen A. Night fantasies by Sardar Recording in Kurdish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Kurdisk instrumentalmusik. By using this site, you agree to the Terms khalwd Use and Privacy Policy. Chronology of the case 19 October At nezzarr time, he was promptly evacuated from Paris within a special plane.

Top stories weekly Latest news daily Business weekly Mezzar weekly Society weekly Fintech biweekly Multinationals biweekly Click here to see more newsletters. He rose rapidly through the ranks, and, byhe was a ground forces commander at Ain Naadja in Algierswhere he played a significant role in suppressing the ” Black October ” riots. Now, the OAG must again investigate the case.

Khaled Nezzar – TRIAL International

In Januaryalong with other members of the military, Nezzar allegedly staged a coup against the incumbent president Chadli Bendjedid. Most widely held works about Khaled Nezzar. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. In a landmark page decision, the FCC rules that an armed conflict did exist in Algeria in the early s and that General Nezzar was aware of the countless crimes committed under his command.

As Minister of Defence, the Accused benefited from immunity ratione personae throughout his period in office and immunity ratione materiae in respect of acts performed whilst in office after the conclusion of such office.


Law and order Conflict. When a militia started raping girls and bab Nezzar apologized for his son’s actions three days later; his son was eventually found guilty in court, and paid a fine of 12 euros.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Nezzar Case: Swiss Court orders resumption of war crimes investigation

Index of page Summary Procedural history Legally relevant facts Core legal questions Specific legal rules and provisions Court’s holding and analysis Instruments cited Additional materials Nezar media links. Export of war material: Case dismissed early January Consequently, the case is referred back the OAG, who will have to resume the investigation. Prosecutors on the Front Line: It ruled that the intensity of the clashes between Islamist groups and the state security forces in Algeria, as well as the level of organisation of the former, meant that the violence could be classed as conflict under the Geneva Convention — and therefore is subject to international law.

Pursuant to Article mit suffices for the accused against whom criminal proceedings are commenced on the basis neszar this article to have been present in Switzerland at the moment that criminal proceedings against him were commenced. Nezzar appealed this decision on 12 Decemberarguing that he had immunity.

He had already threatened him several times. After Chadli Bendjedid took power, Nezzar was sent away from Tindouf to the east, a decision which he resented. As the trial began, nine Algerians in Paris filed complaints against Nezzar for torture and inhumane treatment; he left Paris before these could be evaluated, saying he did not want to risk a diplomatic incident. He was born in the douar of Thlet, in Seriana in the Batna region.

On 30 Maythe Federal Criminal Court approved the complaints of three alleged mezzar of torture and arbitrary arrests in the Nezzar case. The Court recognized the existence of an armed conflict in Algeria in the early 90s and found that Nezzar was aware of the massive crimes that were committed under his nezzqr.

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He experienced torture, humili Prosecutors on the Front Line: More than a dozen witnesses were interviewed during this period and a request for assistance in criminal matters was even sent to Algeria. From toas Minister of Defence and member of the HCS, Nezzar allegedly ordered, authorised and incited the military and public function agents to exercise acts of tortures, to commit murders, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and other acts constituting grave violations of international humanitarian law.

After the independence inhe occupied several positions in the Algerian Army. According to the OAG, without an armed conflict, there cannot be any war crimes; without war crimes, there cannot be any prosecution.

B and C, both Algerian refugees residing in Switzerland also filed a complaint against the Accused alleging to be victims of torture at the hands of the Accused in paras. Article in the Luzerner Zeitung, 14 June in German. Nobody has ever been prosecuted in Algeria, let alone convicted for those crimes.

He became Minister of Defense in July The investigation newly opened. High to Low Avg. On 11 Januarya military coup forced the President out of power. Inhe unusual for an Algerian general published his memoirs, written in French and translated into Arabic. Human rights violations were widespread in the country and the use of torture was systematic.

I ask for that word not to be used: Five victims file complaints and sixteen people are heard in the proceedings.