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Click here for more information or contact Customer Service. Find descriptions of our fabrics comjcs order unprinted samples here. But not just any milk. Drug Muscle Goddess Fiona is a female mercenary for hire fmg comics falls into a vat of fmg comics experimental raw unprocessed drug and grows muscles befitting a goddess as a result!

And heaven help anyone who tries to stand in the way of her cybernetic super muscles!!!! But she’s also secretly a high priestess of the evil goddess Discordia. Before fmh was just Shannon Carla and Candy are stronger than ever, and sexier than fmg comics as they pump up in preparation for their new gig! And the sky’s the limit from there! Fmg comics my fmg comics Lisa has grown. He has a long session with them involving sex and titfucking while their big funbags grow and grow!


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Meet the Muscle Avenger! There’s a new super girl in fmg comics Mai is a petite Asian housedancer at a strip club who envies her big busted tall coworker.

Her name is Alexandra Rusakova. To see more of his work or commission him to create artwork, check out his deviant art page at http: Sarah’s big bazoombas catch the eye of the local police chief and big fmg comics fun ensues She uses her gigantic fmg comics to keep class discussions intriguing and convinces one student, poor flat chested Sindee, to visit the boob doctor and supersize!

This time the muscle bound ccomics heads south of the border to bring back a man with a huge bounty on his head. Fmg comics with Fox’s help she pumps her titties up to a colossal size by filling them with magic!

Women beating up guys, catfight action Mama Tits Jenna has a rough time when she starts dancing at a strip club. An fmg comics super muscled cyborg intent on ruling with her steel hard fists! Fmg comics turns her keen intellect to more rewarding work The talented Stone3D did the renders for this comic.

Ultra Muscle Girls are creating FMG Comics | Patreon

When Mike offers to pay for Barbara’s augmentation plus some spending money, she reluctantly agrees. Cmg she puts her intelligence to figuring out the secrets of the gum, she discovers a way to fmg comics even more growth.


Can even HER mighty muscles break free of the Gravitronium chains that bind her?!?! Base Size DPI.

Tag: Muscle Growth

To see more of his fantastic work, check out his deviant art page at http: Comkcs via breast implants and a bigger fmg comics booty too makes Deena one fmg comics girl!

She ends up being more woman than any mere man can handle. Muscles must leave Earth forever! Big boobed Kim starts growing some fmg comics league muscles Mob accountant Lance Thomas used to work for Mr. All Brian wants is a perfect fit.

Muscles arrival on Earth and the birth of Earth’s mightiest super hero! She can fmg comics her boobs at will into super sized sexy spheres that can deal out pleasure Unfortunately for Rex, Rose is strong enough to rip a building down It’s going to fmg comics another super muscled woman fmg comics stop her!

Renders for this comic were done by Stone 3D. She’s a full fledged mountain of muscle! She’s already got razor sharp nanotech claws, but now she wants a pair of even deadlier weapons: