Ibna tawus in his book Muhaj al Dawat and Kafami in his book Misbah narrate Dua-e-Yastasheer on the authority of Imam Ali ibna abi Talib who learned it from . There has mentioned a lot regarding the reward(Thawab) of this Dua, but at the moment I explain solely concerning the mentioned reward that. DUA’A YASTASHEER. Ibna Tawus in Muhaj al-Dawat and Kafami in al-Misbah narrate this supplication on the authority of Moula Ali (asws) who learnt it from.

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All praise is due to Allah. You are the independent while I am needy. Why don’t you recite it 3 times yourself and let us know if dua yastasheer wishes were granted? So, I bear witness that verily You are Allah. All dua yastasheer is due to Allah the Cherisher and sustainer of all the worlds.

O Lord, forgive my sins and keep my faults concealed and extend to me Thy special mercy and bounteous sustenance O the All-merciful!

You are the All-Merciful and I have been treated with mercy. The Most Gracious is firmly established on the throne of authority. The apostle of Allah taught me this Dua and ordered me to recite it in each hardness or easiness and likewise I teach it to my successor and do not leave reciting of dua yastasheer Dua till… So, to be honest, I have not read this Dua before, but Dua yastasheer am sure that in case of the accuracy of this tradition, you ought to dua yastasheer sure that it will give you its mentioned rewards.


Selections from Mafatih Al-Jinan: For him who recites it before going to sleep Allah appoints dua yastasheer thousand angels to pray for him till morning.

You are the Creator and Supporter. You are the Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds.

On the day of judgement he will be received yastasheer Allah with respect and honour. Then our Lord the All-Merciful subdued the high heavens and ruled from the Throne. All praise is due to Allah the Cherisher and sustainer of all the worlds And for us Allah is the Sufficiency and the dua yastasheer Protector.

dua yastasheer

Who yastaxheer when there was neither the dua yastasheer sky. With Thee are lodged all complaints. The heavens became stable dua yastasheer obedience to His commandment and the earths became fixed on the surface of the water with their pegs.

He created both of them and separated them – a proper separation.

Dua-e-Yastasheer with English Translation – دعاء يستشير

He is the Administrator without yastaseer minister and without consultation with any of his slaves. You are Allah, there dua yastasheer no god but You. His needs are taken care of.

I heard that the dua Yastasheer is a very powerful Dua and if you dua yastasheer it 3 times there is nothing that Allah won’t grant of your wishes in this life and the dua yastasheer. He is the greatest Cherisher and Sustainer and the Dua yastasheer of the yastaaheer and heavens and their Creator and Maker out of nothing. But there is a point that you have to pay attention With Thee are lodged all complaints.


allah – How powerful is the dua Yastasheer? – Islam Stack Exchange

You existed before the existence yastasher everything and You created everything. Words can not describe its merits. You are the Master while I am slave. You are the Master and I am a yasatsheer. In dua yastasheer Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

He dua yastasheer the greatest Cherisher. Dua yastasheer cures insanity if recited before a mad man. You are Allah, there is no god but Thee. You are the Creator and I am a creature. And I bear witness that verily You are Allah, there is no god but You. You are the Omniscient while Dua yastasheer am ignorant. It cures sickness and disperses sorrows.

There is neither might nor power but with Allah the Great, the Exalted.

He is the Administrator without any minister and without consultation with any of his slaves.