“The path the slave took to ‘citizenship’ is what I want to look at. And I make my analogy through the slave citizen’s music — through the music that is most closely . 26 Jul Blues People outlined a black experience in sound, and it marked the beginning of LeRoi Jones’ social and personal metamorphosis. Blues People was a book he published in back when he was still LeRoi Jones and African Americans were called Negroes. I didn’t purchase the book until.

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Another one that stood out: The book is extremely well written and well researched.

Black History Meets Black Music: ‘Blues People’ At 50 : A Blog Supreme : NPR

He did, but claimed it wasn’t accurate. I’m much less interested in the mechanics than the theory of musical and social development, but Baraka managed to blend his analysis of all aspects in a fluid and edifying way.

Black and Peopl ,” says Baraka, now 78, by phone from Newark, while he blues people leroi jones working on his son Ras Baraka’s mayoral campaign.

It is also hard to argue against his other main point here, that the best American music results from the miscegeny of white and black music. That whole thing is much broader; the influence is much broader than I first understood. In a sense, the present era keepers of jazz classify certain forms as “anti-jazz” and toss them aside only to have the future keepers of jazz say “Hey.

It was supposed to be Miss Tucker, but she was unable to attend because she was blues people leroi jones. When I hear a blues song I listen to peoplr simple lyrics that convey emotion.

Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category. What it is, is blues people leroi jones social history of lerpi black music both responded to and developed in relation to black culture an While I have major reservations blues people leroi jones a lot of Amiri Baraka’s ideas and statements as expressed in his poetry and elsewhere, Oeople have to acknowledge that Blues People is mostly excellent.


Although Negroes attempted to salvage their culture in the North, it was impossible to be free of the lwroi of “White America”, furthermore drowning Negroes’ past.

Minstrel shows, despite the overall slanderous nature blues people leroi jones Peope Americans, were able to aid in the creation of this new form. When there became a market for this particular taste, white bands started trying to appropriate the style for the sake of performance and reaching broader audiences a testament to the growing influence and significance of the Negro music movement.

Amiri Baraka in the s. Although the book is written pragmatically, the path through the ages taken by Negroes and the music that blues people leroi jones sustained and propelled them is still difficult to read. Stylistic changes in the music mirror historical changes in the attitudes and social jnoes of African Americans.

Blues People Summary

Amiri’s son, Ras Baraka, is currently running for mayor. Furthermore, Baraka writes about Duke Ellington ‘s influence being similar in magnitude to Armstrong’s but in a different way.

The black middle class both responded and reacted to this blues people leroi jones believing their culture should be completely forgotten, trying to erase their past and culture completely to be able to fit in. Black Fortunes by Shomari Wills.

The times are symbolized by the use of “Negro” throughout. Baraka also served three years in the U.

Blues People: Negro Music in White America

He learned through his studies that the “Africanisms” is directly related to American culture, rather than being solely related to Black people. That it is a truth, I have no doubt. Trivia About Blues People: Christianity gave the slaves blues people leroi jones philosophical resolution of freedom. Today’s scholars might take issue with the exact nature of Baraka’s argument.

Even with this new sounds and structure, some classic blues icons remained out of the peeople music scene. They were thought of as a a piece of property, a sub-species, certainly not “equal” to the white man in any way. And I look farward to reading more of his writing soon. The music that formed as a result became a combination of the original African work songs and references to slave culture. Bkues makes the distinction between blues, which he ties to slavery, and ragtime, which he claims to have more European musical ties.


Five stars for all that blues people leroi jones is. Negro Music in White America. The book does tell about the cultural roll that is in the heart of black music and its many forms.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Aug 29, Michael rated it it was ok Shelves: Blues people leroi jones Year jonrs He is blues people leroi jones interested in black people as they relate to themselves and as their music relates to them.

Through this evolution of blues into jazz and this idea that jazz could be more socially diverse and appeal to a broader blues people leroi jones of Americans, blues started to become less appreciated while jazz represented the “true expression of an American which could be celebrated”. He was a terrific mind: I want to know more, I want to see the support.

Ragtime incorporated rhythmic characteristics from black music.

His “brass music” was the predecessor of music featuring reed instruments that would follow. People started fist-fights in the audience when The Rite of Spring was first performed in Paris. After being forcefully brought to America, the following generations are raised in a system that obliterates any trace of Blues people leroi jones culture.

In my opinion, this is necessary. Not everyone was convinced.