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Described are the amphisbaenaconstrictor, poisonous snake, sea snake, and spitting snake. Dragon contributor Alan Zumwait was pleased by the inclusion of the neutral Oriental dragons, but felt that their descriptions were inferior to those of the dragons in the Monster Manual.

Underdark set 28 Sylvan woodland inhabitants primarily interested in sport such as frolicking, piping, chasing wood nymphs. Key of Destiny Drow Wars Eberron: It is only visible to the victim, and inrex identical characteristics to the target—the same armour, skills and weapons. Blackmoor set fire lizard, minotaur lizard.

The Ambush at Sheridan Springs. Once again, the variety is mixed but appears balanced.

Rule the convoluted planes of Hadesform larvae see above from evil persons they slay, and sell to demons and devils. In no particular order, i guess.

Bull-like creatures covered in thick metal scales that breathe a cloud of noxious vapors which turn any creature to stone.


Yochlol handmaiden of Lolth. The hook horror is described as an aberration that stands about nine feet tall and weighs almost pounds. Aberrations set 26 Mindless ambulatory fungus that emit a piercing shriek when any nidex source or movement comes nearby.

That would be the Monster Manual. Gotta work fast… only a few days away. A gargoyle -like creature, the Berbalang is described as a bipedal creature with leathery skin and bat-like wings.

Sites Indexed!

Hmmm… maybe that will be my next post. This book also expanded on the original monster format, such as including the stat lines on the same page as the monsters’ descriptions and introducing more stats, expanding the length of most monster descriptions, and featuring illustrations for most of the monsters. The additional spells were great and some of my players even experimented with the Psionics section found in Appendix I. Sep 13, Dual interview Underdark set 42 Undead humans that retain a semblance of life and seek to destroy living things.

For example, multi-class more than two was allowed. Crawlspaces”Monster ManualMonster Manual v.

I think I may have to dust off my code and see about refining it for 5th edition sometime. I doubt the DM will let me tweet my experience. Subterranean predators with iron-like claws that enable them to burrow through solid stone, and their eyes cause a dangerous confusion in opponents. Omnivorous creatures of the weirdest appearance, having the lower bodies of birds and the upper bodies of stags.

Described are the werebearwereboarwereratweretigerand werewolf.


Monstrous Index

But there are so many tools and functions currently in use on the site today, it will be a ton of work doing such a major overhaul. Birth of Heroes Forgotten Realms: I started playing right around 79 or 80 with the basic boxed set. Dakons are described as shaggy, intelligent apes with a reasonable grasp of language, that live in jungle settings. An interview with Glimlimb.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Web Site Index

The Players Handbook was pages. Dead which go to the layers of the Abyss become manes. Ed Greenwood considered the Elemental Princes of Evil “worthy additions to any campaign”. Described here are the xdnd watch beetle and slicer beetle.

Transparent and almost impossible to discover, attacks when prey is asleep by drawing all the plasma from its body. Is that not a d6? Donboy — October 08, Thanks to all who have donated. If the 5e DM Guide addnd as good a job as the 5e PH for keeping combat rules compact and in one easy-to-bookmark location? Angelfire set 55 For a few days each month, it sends a projection out into the world to kill and feed.

The Shattering of Thael.