When Money Dies has ratings and 82 reviews. Sagar said: Adam Fergusson has taken one of the more dramatic episodes in economic history and. 25 Aug My study of how the German economy became unhinged by hyperinflation in the s, When Money Dies, has found a new audience in the. 26 Aug Fergusson is not an economist and When Money Dies is a social history rather than an economic tract. The younger son of an impecunious.

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Adam Fergusson – When Money Dies: A Comparison Between 1920’s Weimar Germany and Today

It tears apart the whole fabric of stable economic relationships. The agony of inflation, however prolonged, is perhaps somewhat similar to acute pain – totally absorbing, demanding complete attention while it lasts; forgotten or adam fergusson when money dies when it has gone, whatever mental or physical scars it may leave behind.

But what is beyond question is that when the German economy was brought adam fergusson when money dies to life in it took international co-operation in the form of loans from Britain and America, far-sighted political leadership and the willingness to impose losses on whe group in German society. Third, it was correctly recognized that, although customs receipts by the Allies were perforce in paper money, reparations had to be paid either in kind or in gold equivalents: By a British pound was equal to the number of yards ferguxson the sun and Germany was all but a barter economy.

What really broke Germany was the constant taking of the soft political option in respect of money.

Adam Fergusson: When quantitative easing runs mad | Books | The Guardian

A producer cartel such as Opec can hike the price of a single commodity, like oil. What was especially interesting about the epilogue is that the author explored the charge made against Germany that the government, in the face of reparations and debt, deliberately inflated the adam fergusson when money dies, to inflate away those debts. Only when it has a value acknowledged by more than one person can it be so used… The discovery that shattered [German] society was that the traditional repository of purchasing power had disappeared and there was no means left of measuring the worth of anything… For most, the degree of necessity became the sole criterion of value, the basis of everything from barter to behaviour.


Fergusson is not an economist and When Money Dies is a social history rather than an deis tract. That at least is a lesson that daam has relevance today. And, as he notes: Had cooler adam fergusson when money dies prevailed, had the warring nations gotten beyond their greed for imperialism, had they kept their hands off the Ottoman Empire, had Churchill not switched the Royal Navy to oil fuel leading the world into fossil fuel consumption, well, you get the idea.

It plants adam fergusson when money dies seeds of fascism and communism.

I thought he would really paint the picture of the political characters, circumstances and sentiments that created and resulted from this monetary environment.

But at the end of the book I felt educated and amazed, which is as much as you can ask of any history book.

When Money Dies: The Nightmare Of The Weimar Hyper Inflation

Mounting velocity of circulation adam fergusson when money dies increased the money in use, stoking the fires of inflation ever higher. Nov 17, Tom rated it it was amazing. Before long they were inventing new numbers to count the Marks, paper money that was worth so little that an American could have a champagne celebration in Berlin with six friends and still have change from a dollar the following day. The proponents of “sound money” who were influential 30 odd years ago are no longer heard.

Other reviewers have said “this book should warn you about where the Adam fergusson when money dies may be heading. The former journalist talks about how he is enjoying an unexpected literary revival. That is a big problem. And it is the challenge that would face Athens after a Grexit from the eurozone. Dec 07, Matheus rated it it was amazing.


Money may no longer be physically printed and distributed in the voluminous quantities of Also there’s an interesting cameo by Hemingway, making a day trip with his first wife from France to Germany and how amazingly cheap their day of merry-making was. Over the past five years it has been published in 11 languages, including Russian, Korean, Portuguese and classical and modern Chinese, adam fergusson when money dies has just been reissued in the UK.

When Money Dies | Mises Institute

France and Britain were not about to be fobbed off with a large cheque from Germany in its own currency. Yet, to be reminded that words were coined “milliard”–a thousand times a million; “billiard”–not an dles game but a trillion cubed to express the total yet accelerating worthlessness of the German mark once worth about a United States quarter is no small accomplishment.

I’ll leave that question adam fergusson when money dies you.

You adam fergusson when money dies know you might just have to live through a hyperinflation yourself one day! Jan 05, George rated it it was amazing. I didn’t realize that Germany largely funded WWI through debt and the printing of money, rather than through taxation. Books by Adam Fergusson. Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause It has interested economists ever since Adam Smith.